Adrian Hewlett


Current status: sport magazine designer at curtis sport .


I have graduated with a 2:1 degree from the University of Wolverhampton. I am currently working with Curtis Sport as a sport magazine designer involving Football, Rugby and Speedway.

I balanced my coursework with personal creative work, like poster design and football shirt design. I learned a lot from me degree show in Wolverhampton and from New Designers in London as I got to meet fellow creatives who had so many different passions for design and I also gained interest from Sky Sports.

My creative approach is simple; form follows function. You must always have the end product in mind when designing anything from a logo to an entire advertising campaign.  often have several iterations of the same idea and I end up refining the one I find the most diverse.

Diversity in design for is key as this way it can be used across hundreds of different formats without the work of changing the whole concept to fit something else. Controversy is also key as those design are the most talked about be it positive or negative as they are what sticks inside peoples minds and are the most memorable. Creating desire allows people to be intrigued in your ideas and become enchanted by them.


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